Research Associates

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Devin Lee – Junior at New York University where she studies Politics and Latin American Studies.

Interests – Indigenous rights and racial inequality in Latin America, U.S.-Mexico border issues







Elisabeth Merel Kraaijenbrink – Attending Law School at Tilburg University In The Netherlands. Previously got her BA in Business and Economics from Hendrix College.

Interests – Economic Development, Trade relations, Europe

Additional COHA title(s)– Office Manager





Jonathan A. Goodman – Fourth-year student at New College of Florida, completing a joint degree in International Studies and Political Science, with a focus on international migration.

Interests – Democratic governance, universal human rights, international migration, Andean affairs.

Additional COHA title – WRH Manager





Lydia Blum – Third year at the University of St Andrews where she is pursuing a joint honours degree in Spanish and International Relations with concentrations in diplomacy and human rights.  

Interests – Central America, Mexico, Human Rights, Women’s Rights

Additional COHA title(s) – Website Manager






María del Pilar de Luque Palacio – Universidad de Navarra undergrad in International Relations, Faculty of Law

Interests – Women’s Rights movements, Latin American political and economic issues, Human Rights

Additional COHA title(s) – Social Media Manager





Natalie K. Ponce – Junior at Stanford University where she is completing a double major in Italian and International Relations (concentrations in Latin American studies and economic development/ world economy)

Interests – Cuba, Democracy, Rule of Law, Human Rights, International Law, European Union, linguistics and Italian politics






Rachel Rosenberg – Senior at the University of Delaware completing degrees in Spanish Studies and International Relations with a concentration in diplomacy and regional specialization in Latin America

Interests – Elections, Crime, Human Rights, Mexico, South America