RE: “Drag Queen celebrates evangelical service to call attention to homophobia.”

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This letter was published in the Folha de São Paulo’s May 22nd 2014 issue (printed and digital). To read click here.

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to submit the following letter in response to the May 19 article, “Drag Queen celebrates evangelical service to call attention to homophobia.”

The story published by Bruna Fantti, “Drag Queen celebrates evangelical service to call attention to homophobia” highlights several issues surrounding LGBTQ rights in Brazil by telling the story of Rio de Janeiro church pastor Marcos Lord. Lord preached to his congregation as a drag queen, reading Biblical psalms about injustice and remarking that if he were to step outside of his church dressed in drag, he would be stoned. While the article demonstrates the existing problem of homophobia in Brazil, it fails to explore further the current conservative views on LGBTQ rights held by the Evangelical Church and the Human Rights Committee in Brazil. The Committee, with its very reactionary views against LGBTQ rights, has contributed to putting Brazil on an unprogressive path toward same sex marriage and other human rights. The work of Lord is an important start toward helping address the adversity faced by so many homosexuals in Brazil. However, the article failed to recognize the current Human Rights Committee’s lack of flexibility toward LGBTQ rights.


Juliana Moraes-Pinheiro, Council on Hemispheric Affairs

In response to the Folha de São Paulo article: “Drag Queen celebra culto evangélico para chamar atenção para a homofobia”

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