RE: “Colombian challenger tough on rebels.”

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to submit the following letter in response to the June 2 article, “Colombian challenger tough on rebels.”

In your recent article, the various strategic differences between the two candidates in the Colombian election, President Juan Manuel Santos and Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, are very apparent. The article primarily explored whether the opponents’ respective strategies towards the FARC and Venezuela would be effective. The article discusses the terms the FARC is demanding from the Colombian government, including the fact that they expect zero jail time. The article also further clarifies Zuluaga’s belief that these demands are unacceptable. However, the article could be strengthened if more were said about Santos and his views on peace talks and other issues in Colombia. As the article acknowledges, a Zuluaga victory would be dangerous for any sense of peace in the country. Unfortunately, Zuluaga’s polarizing campaign has also effectively captured media attention. This article, while helpful in understanding the election, falls prey to the tendency to focus disproportionately on Zuluaga’s claims while neglecting a thorough analysis of Santos’ platform.


Ragini Chatterjee

Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs

In response to UT San Diego article “Colombian challenger tough on rebels.”

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