Minor Problem, Major Implications

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In Mexico, a trend featuring minors committing serious crimes related to narco-trafficking is on the rise. After a 14-year-old boy was convicted of committing violent murders earlier this month on behalf of a drug organization operating in the country, a 13-year-old girl has been detained for her suspected involvement with the Zeta drug cartel. In fact, in an interview, the girl revealed to authorities her employer, salary, and length of employment, among other confessions. According to the minor, she is the only member of her family working for the Zetas, though her mother initially introduced her to her employer—a woman who has since been detained as well. Given the rising number of arrests of minors in Mexico, many are calling for the reduction of the age of a legal adult from 18 to 16. However, this change would simply adapt the penal system to the new trend rather than mitigate the causes of the issue.

Source: CNN