Letter to Prospective Research Fellows

Regarding An Invitation to Enter into an Extra-­‐Mural Relationship with the Council on Hemispheric Affairs

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA) cordially invites junior and senior faculty as well as graduate students to seek the affiliate to be an extra-­‐mural Research Fellow with COHA. The COHA community is seeking additional scholarly colleagues to offer balanced yet critical interpretations of Inter-­‐American issues from a progressive viewpoint. Candidates will be closely vetted for their committed scholarship and social rectitude.

As a COHA Research Fellow you will be joining a hard-­‐working team of hemispheric policy analysts. On-­‐site graduate and undergraduate students can be expected to develop unique working relationships with peers, mentors and an expanding circle of extra-­‐mural affiliates who often bring new experiences and perspectives to the field of Latin American studies. Research Fellows are given a range of responsibilities that contribute to the already excellent quality of articles published online and in the pages of COHA’s highly regarded bimonthly publication The Washington Report on the Hemisphere. Many of these articles receive favorable comments and citations in the national and international press as well as in the popular media.

Founded in 1975, COHA is a 501 (C3) nonprofit, tax-­‐exempt independent research and information organization. Its primary goal is to promote a humanitarian focus on Western Hemisphere studies. Its goal is to raise the visibility of Latin American issues in print and the electronic media, advance inter-­‐American understanding, and encourage the formulation of rational and to constructive U.S. policies towards the rest of the hemisphere.

COHA’s extra-­‐mural Fellows are highly diverse in their expertise and experience, and they are joined together by a shared pursuit of social justice and the advantages of an open society. COHA personnel are committed to exposing corruption throughout the region, corporate greed, violence against innocents and military terror among other crucial topics. Specifically, the Fellows contribute to ongoing research, publication and editing; they also tutor their peers; they seek modest grants from forward looking foundations for assistance funding individual or group projects; and also assist with other research projects while pursuing a variety of resources to advance its works development.

COHA Fellows, if so minded, have the opportunity to contribute one medium-­‐length article every ten days. They regularly provide peer review for articles in their area of expertise. They also have the unique opportunity to co-­‐author op-­‐ed pieces with COHA’s highly qualified interns. Fellows are invited to a variety of COHA-­‐sanctioned meetings to share their ideas about regional issues and help COHA lay out project priorities.

We hope you will join us in our efforts to create a more honest, forthright atmosphere throughout the Americas.

Thank you, COHA

Email: coha@coha.org Website: www.coha.org Phone: (202) 223-4975