Forthcoming COHA Analysis of Secretary Clinton’s Visit to Mexico

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As Secretary of State Clinton goes to Mexico today, COHA researchers are preparing analyses of these aspects of the bilateral relations between the neighboring countries.

● The successes and failures of U.S. supply- and demand-side drug control strategies. Should drug legalization be debated?
● Washington’s historic indifference to Mexican pleas that U.S. authorities should more vigorously control arms sales by U.S. gun shops to Mexican cartel representatives.
● Will new $700 million proposed program be part of a misdirected Obama administration policy which will end up militarizing the border in order to control the leakage of violence and crime into American cities?
● Following orthodox assumptions in the anti-drug world, can Mexico’s cartels be denied their share of the $300billion generated by world drug commerce?
● Mexico’s fear that talk about a ‘failed state’ is a U.S. tactic to weaken the country’s position when it comes to furthering the White House’s strategy to gain access to Mexico’s energy resources and increase its diplomatic leverage over its junior partner.
● Mexico’s systemic corruption together with its militarization of the anti-drug struggle could dangerously enhance the role of the country’s armed forces in dealing with its civil society.
● Illegal immigration and drug trafficking as aspects of the U.S. being overly eager to control its border.
● The ratio of neighboring poverty as a function of the growth of drug cartels.
● Canada’s perspective on the Mexican war on drugs.