Fall 2010 Internships Available

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COHA currently is accepting applications for fall internships. Well-prepared candidates with solid research and writing skills who are prepared to commit themselves to vigorous standards of investigative journalism and academic research are now being processed.

COHA interns are highly regarded in the field of U.S.-Latin American and Canadian studies for the many awards and distinctions that they have won and for the distinguished careers that they have done on to pursue upon departing from the organization. COHA internships are awarded on a highly competitive basis. Normally, the internship corps consists of 25 scholars selected from all over the globe, making its internship program one of the largest and most diversified bodies of youthful scholars to be found in Washington or in any other center in the region working on hemispheric affairs.

For more information on COHA and the application process, visit our intern page here: https://www.coha.org/about-internships/