“Ethically Impossible”

A Panel Discussion on Non-Consensual Medical Research in Guatemala, Africa, and the United States

 Thursday, February 9th
5 – 7 PM
        Hotung 2001
Refreshments will be served.

 Georgetown Law’s Committee on Human Rights in Latin America will host a panel discussion on non-consensual medical research conducted across the globe by U.S. physicians and companies.  Our five panelists will focus on cases in Guatemala, Africa, and the United States.  Join us as we investigate how such deplorable events occurred, how these atrocities can be remedied, and how to prevent them from occurring again.


 Piper Hendricks
Associate, Human Rights and International Law, Conrad & Scherer

 Keenan Keller
Senior Counsel, U.S. House Judiciary Committee House of Representatives

 Dr. David Gisselquist
AIDS/HIV Researcher and Consultant

 Dr. Cassie Statuto Bevan
Child Welfare Policy Expert & Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania

 Dr. Alex Wellerstein
Associate Historian, American Institute of Physics