Regarding Macedonia/Greece and Dominica

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Greek Ambassador to Washington Responds to Op-Ed piece by COHA Senior Research Fellow Zlatko Kovach
The points made by Zlatko Kovach in his Op-Ed piece, “Macedonia: Reaching Out to Win Latin American Hearts and Minds,” have been responded to by the Ambassador of Greece to the United States of America, Alexandros P. Mallias, in the following letter.

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Dominica: No Terror Island

On February 28th of 2008, The Council on Hemispheric Affairs published a memorandum to the press titled “Dominica: The Caribbean’s Next “Terror Island?”” published by Dr. Nikolas Kozloff, a COHA Senior Research Fellow. This was a speculative article based on the prospects that the island of Dominica, which recently became a member of the Venezuelan-sponsored ALBA alliance, could be targeted by the White House in the wake of a possibly electoral victory by Republican candidate Senator John M. McCain, who has been featuring an ultra-combustible Latin American policy. Based on the spirit of “YANKS INVADE TERROR ISLAND,” an article that appeared on the front page of the New York Post at the time of the U.S. Invasion of Grenada in 1983, Dr. Kozloff’s article foreshadowed the possible issues and consequences to Dominica if the Senator was to win the White House while the Skerrit Administration was still in office.
Kozloff emphasized that people of goodwill on the island and throughout Latin America now need most of all to be alert, no matter how remote its prospects, to a right-wing golpe. COHA was certainly not advocating this kind of interventionist policy. Instead, Dr. Kozloff was merely warning that it could possibly happen, not that we hoped that it would. As a result of this huge harvest of letters coming from Dominicans and their friends, we have published in our Forum a sampling of comments and responses by our readers, in no particular order…

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