COHA Vulture Fund Research

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The linked letter to the just-resigned, upstate New York Congressman Eric Massa was issued on October 16, 2009. Other revised material later was issued on November 10, 2009 in a COHA research memorandum. This material was only directed to one aspect of Massa’s activities—his possible connections with vulture funds that had systematically bought up defaulted Argentine debt for pennies on the dollar and are now attempting to extort the face value of that debt from the Argentine government. In this effort, then-Congressman Massa was collaborating with these vulture funds’ (like Elliot Associates) efforts to impose what would amount to a financial embargo against the Argentine state by limiting its access to the U.S. market and deterring international organizations from extending loans to the country.

To read the letter, visit COHA’s letter to former Congressman Eric Massa

To read the COHA research memorandum, see Argentina Seeks to Resolve Defaulted Debt Issues, While “Vulture Funds” Are Determined to Undermine Process.