COHA This Week in the News

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-COHA Director Larry Birns made three media appearances this week. On Sunday, September 20th, he was interviewed on CNN’s International Business Today Hour where he discussed the Venezuelan and Iranian nuclear arms exchange. On Wednesday, September 23rd, he spoke on the Austrian News Radio about Zelaya and Honduras. On Thursday, September 24th, he spoke on the Jamaican Breakfast Club Radio about the decriminalization of drugs in Latin America.

-COHA Research Associate Michaela D’Ambrosio was interviewed on Thursday, September 17th on the Jeff Farias show regarding U.S. involvement in the Honduran coup.

-COHA Research Associate Shantel Beach was interviewed on Thursday, September 24th on the Jamaican Breakfast Club where she discussed President Zelaya’s return to Honduras. She spoke about the UN Security Council meeting taking place today, and was joined by live commentary from inside the Brazilian Embassy in Tegucigalpa, where Zelaya has taken refuge in recent days.

COHA Article Appearances:

The Honduran Coup: Was it a Matter of Behind-the-Scenes Finagling by State Department Stonewallers? By COHA Research Associate Michaela D’Ambrosio
Camana Bay Times, Cayman Islands
Heise Online, Telepolis, Germany (translated)
Petroleum World News Service, U.S.
Topix News Service, U.S.
Sky News, U.K.

The Mapuche Struggle for Autonomy, By COHA Research Associate Kaitlin Porter:
SperoNews, Houston TX
Daily Estimate, Houston TX
Santiago Times Newspaper, Chile
Merco Press News Agency, South Atlantic
Opera Mundi, Brazil

What the Drug War Needs is a Debate, Not a Disingenuous Battle Plan, By COHA Research Associate Steve Schaffer:
Scoop News Service, N.Z.
Camana Bay Times, Cayman Islands
Guyana Chronicle

Canada and Honduras: Act Now, By COHA Research Associate Shantel Beach:
Camana Bay Times, Cayman Islands
Scoop News Service, N.Z.

PANAMAX 2009 and Honduras: Did They or Didn’t They Attend the Annual War Games? By COHA Staff, coordinated by Shantel Beach, assisted by Andres Esteban Ochoa, Jorge Aguilar, Christina Esquivel and Paulina Serna.
The Caribbean Analysis Newspaper
Scoop News Service, N.Z.
Inside America News Service, U.S.

The U.S. Military’s Presence in the Greater Caribbean Basin: More a Matter of Trade Strategy and Ideology than Drugs, By COHA Research Fellow Alex Sanchez:
Camana Bay Times, Cayman Islands

On Tuesday, September 29, at 6:30PM EDT, COHA Research Associate Shantel Beach will be interviewed on the Jeff Farias Show. Please tune in to listen live at