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-COHA Director Larry Birns was interviewed on Friday, November 6th by BBC Mundo. He discussed the continuing crisis in Honduras and the role that the United States has played in solving the situation.

-COHA Research Fellow Thomaz Alvarez was interviewed on November 10th by Voice of America. He spoke about Venezuela’s potential entrance into Mercosur, and the role of the Brazilian Senate in preventing Venezuela’s membership.

-COHA Research Associate Nancy Cruz appeared on the Jamaican Breakfast Club Radio on Friday, October 30th. She spoke about the recent drug bust in the U.S. and the ongoing drug war in Mexico.

COHA Article Appearances

Critical Confirmations for Valenzuela and Shannon Remain Delayed as Senator DeMint Trivializes Process, By COHA Research Associate Nicholas Maliska:
Scoop Independent World News, N.Z
Brazzil, Brazil

Castañeda and Gaviria Criticize OAS Secretary-General Insulza’s Efforts to Resolve Honduran Constitutional Dispute By COHA Research Associate Elizabeth Benjamin:
Scoop Independent World News, New Zealand

While His Citizens Suffer, Guatemalan President Colom’s Administration Spawns Setbacks, By COHA Research Associate Sophia Weeks:
Counter Punch, California

Outrage and Double Standards: The Lockerbie and Cubana Airline Bombings, By COHA Guest Contributor Keith Bolender:
The Cutting Edge
Your Renewable News, Aberdeen

Note: On Thursday, November 12th at 4:30pm COHA Director Larry Birns will speak at Swarthmore College. He will speak about the ongoing situation in Honduras, as well as the impact that the coup has had on the region as a whole.