COHA is formulating a series of analyses of the breaking news from Havana that Cuba is in the process of releasing 52 political prisoners

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Recent COHA Releases on Cuba:
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Disparities in U.S. Immigration Policy toward Haiti and Cuba: A Legacy to be Continued?
by COHA Research Associates Alice Barrett & Kelsey Cary

Travel to Cuba Legislation Mired by Scandal, Fierce Opposition
by COHA Research Fellow Katya Rodriguez and Research Associate Carl Patchen

Cuba-U.S. Rhetoric Timeline: Hope for a Basic Shift in Policy Disintegrates into Continued Polarization
by COHA Research Associate Katya Rodriguez

Cuba’s Health Politics: At Home and Abroad
by COHA Senior Research Fellow Julie Feinsilver

Cuba – Russia Now and Then
by COHA Research Associate Evgenij Haperskij

No “Common Policy,” as Europe Grapples over its Future ties with Cuba
by COHA Research Associate Evgenij Hapers

¿Cambio?The Obama Administration in Latin America: A Dissapointing Year in Retrospective
by COHA Research Fellows Guy Hursthouse and Tomás Ayuso