COHA in the Public Arena (March 12, 2012 – March 16, 2012)

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On Monday March 12, COHA Research Associate Lemi Tilahun was interviewed on “The Effects of The Election of a Black President on Racism in America.”

On Tuesday March 13, COHA Resident Scholar Alex Sanchez was interviewed by Telemundo on “Freedom of Religion vs. Women’s health.”

On Wednesday March 14, COHA Resident Scholar Alex Sanchez was interviewed by  the Jamaican Breakfast Club about Mexico’s Cartel War.

On Thursday March 15, COHA Research Associate Alex Gibson was interviewed by Al-Jazeera English on why Argentina is becoming increasingly vocal about its claims to the Falklands and increasing pressure on Britain to enter into diplomatic talks.

On Friday March 16, COHA Research Associate Jeniree Vasquez was interviewed by Jamaican Breakfast Club  about the  murders of journalists in Honduras.

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