COHA in the Public Arena (July 29 – August 9)

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On August 3, an article by COHA Research Associate Colin Frederick was quoted on in a piece about church workers in areas of the Caribbean plagued by drug violence.

Also on August 3, COHA was mentioned in a Huffington Post as one of many important organizations which have called for the release of the “Cuban Five.” The author was referring to an amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court on behalf of the Cuban Five’s writ of certiorari. The column discussed the possible effectiveness of dialogue with Cuba, and was also picked up by Havana Times.

Article Citations and Links

“The Power of Soy: President Cristina Kirchner strengthens commercial relations between Argentina and China” by COHA Research Associate Azul Mertnoff.
Eurasia Review and Cutting Edge News

“Panama’s Unraveling Democracy: The Social Cost of Martinelli’s Chorizo Law” by COHA Research Associate Alexander Brockwehl.
Eurasia Review

“Pacific Rim v. El Salvador and the Perils of Free Trade in the Americas” by COHA Research Associate Krista Scheffey.
CISPES, Eurasia Review, Truth Out, Scoop, and The West Indian News.

“The G-20 Yields Only Unfulfilled Promises for Latin America” by COHA Research Associate John Garcia.
Santiago Times, The West Indian News, and Eurasia Review.

“Hope for America’s Undocumented Youth: the DREAM Act” by COHA Research Associate Julia Nissen.

“Mexico and China: Partners or Competitors?” by COHA Research Associate Jeanie Gong.
West Indian News