COHA In the Public Arena (December 19-December 23)

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On December 19,2011 COHA Research Associate Courtney Frantz was interviewed by Voice of Russia on the TIPNIS controversy in Bolivia.
On December 2o,2011 COHA Research Fellow Liam Whittington was interviewed by Financial Times Deutschland on Uruguayan energy policy.
On December 21, 2011 COHA Director Larry Birns was interviewed by Press TV on security issues on the Mexican Border.
On December 21,2011 COHA Director Larry Birns, COHA Research Associate Gustavo de Lima Palhares, and COHA Research Associate Sierra Ramirez were  interviewed by HispanTV on President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Article Links

The Many Political Faces of Daniel Ortega- December 21,2011
By: COHA Guest Scholar Hannah Stone
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Latin America’s Pacific Alliance Plans for 2012-December 21,2011
By: COHA Research Associate Gustavo de Lima Palhares
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Eurasia Review
Silo Breaker

“Saving” Children from Leftist Agendas: The Susurrant Role of the Catholic Church- December 16,2011
By: COHA Research Associate Candiss Shumate
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Big Hopes for CELAC, but little Outcome (At Least For Now)- December 7,2011
By: COHA Research Associate Andrea Mares
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