Time for the U.S. and Cuba to Talk and More

The modest collaboration between the State Department and the Cuban government concerning the use of Cuban airspace and cooperation in providing medical relief to the Haitian people represents an opportunity for transition toward a more positive relationship between Washington and Havana. This cooperation demonstrates common humanitarian values that both nations share. The two governments should use these values and this opportunity to open a space for dialogue.

Privately, many U.S. and Cuban officials acknowledge that they are inclined to support steps toward reconciliation, though each side appears to harbor doubts of the other’s sincerity in attempts to move beyond historical rancor.

Although President Obama’s repeal of travel restrictions for Cuban-Americans constitutes a step in the right direction, it was hardly enough to signal to Havana its readiness for détente.

The two ancient foes need not strive for a home run; a bunt single will do.