Research Associates

Office Manager


R. Blake Brenneman – George Mason University, Bachelors of Science in Business, specializing in Marketing



Research Associates



Sheldon Birkett  Carleton University, Bachelor of Global and International Studies specializing in Global Politics

Interests: Economics, Trade, Comparative Politics




Martina Guglielmone – George Washington University, Master in Sociology

Interests: Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, Immigration to U.S., Latin American International Relations, Social Movements






Liam Timmons – George Mason University, Bachelor of Government and International Politics

Interests: Economic Development, Trade, Agriculture






Jack Pannell – University of Warwick, Bachelor of Arts in History

Interests: Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, Labour movements, Women’s Rights






Madeline Asta – University of California: Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and Economics

Interests: Brazil, Economic Development, Politics, Environmental Politics






Felipe Galvis-Delgado – Pomona College, Bachelor of International Relations

Interests: Colombia, Venezuela, Immigration into the United States.






Arianna La Marca – University of Redlands, Bachelor International Relations

Interests: Peru, Chile, Mexico, Economic Development, US-Latin America Relations, Labor Movements






Laura Ruiz – Universidad de los Andes, Bachelor in Economics

Interests: Colombia, Brazil, Economics, Public Policy and Corruption.