RE: “Obama: Child migrants ‘urgent humanitarian’ issue”

Dear Editor,


Please allow me to submit the following letter in response to your June 3 article, “Obama: Child migrants ‘urgent humanitarian’ issue”.


 Your piece describes the recent phenomenon being seen in the increased immigration of children and teenagers from Central America into the United States, an issue of great concern within the Obama administration. It also briefly cites Obama’s director of domestic policy, Cecilia Muñoz, in a separate editorial reporting a significant increase in the number of girls and children under the age of 13 crossing the border. However, the article fails to elaborate further on this specific topic of urgent concern. The shift in migrant demographics raises the issue of why exactly this trend is occurring and what implications it carries. Furthermore, the article neglects to address the potential dangerous end result of these young girls migrating unprotected to the U.S. even though there is a real possibility they could become involved in sex trafficking. Regrettably, it appears that the federal government exhibits a misdirected focus on this demographic shift, sadly demonstrating greater concern for the care and upkeep of temporary refugee programs and their necessary funding rather than addressing the deep underlying issues, whether they be socioeconomic or political, which may be prompting this recent influx of child migrants.





Clare Hogan

Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs

In response to Dallas News’ article “Obama: Child migrants ‘urgent humanitarian’ issue.” 

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