RE: “Maya Angelou: Finding Divine Purpose.”

Dear Editor,

Please allow me to submit the following letter in response to the June 2 article, “Maya Angelou: Finding Divine Purpose.”

The article reinforced Maya Angelou’s role as the “people’s poet,” who eloquently wrote against race and gender-based violence. Thus, it is necessary to make the audience aware of ways to commemorate her legacy. In nine days, the FIFA World Cup will begin, and will likely come accompanied with the entrance into prostitution of many women in order to make ends meet. Some of these women will likely become victim to the globalized slave trade of human trafficking. The influx of diverse populations migrating from every corner of the world creates a prime arena for traffic, turning mass prostitution into a prime example of cross-cultural human rights violations. Brazil has long been a country of focus concerning the issue, but the advocacy forums which Angelou’s works created can lead the next generation to advocate against such violations of humanity that affect not only Brazil, but the globalized community.


Chelsea Mandrigues, Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs

In response to the Houston Chronicle article “Maya Angelou: Finding Divine Purpose.”

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