New Publication by COHA Senior Fellow W. Alejandro Sanchez on Peru’s contributions to UN peacekeeping operations

The Council on Hemispheric Affairs is pleased to bring to the attention of its readers the latest work of one of its most active scholars, COHA Senior Research Fellow W. Alejandro Sanchez.

Sanchez has drafted a comprehensive analysis on his native Peru’s contributions to UN peace operations for the website of the Providing for Peacekeeping Project. He discusses the amount of troops that the Andean country has contributed to UN peacekeeping operations as well as the major operations in which it has taken part. These include the Batallón Peru, which participated in the Middle East after the 1973 Arab-Israeli conflict and the Compañia Peru, which currently operates in Haiti as part of MINUSTAH. He also addresses the different rationales that policymakers in Lima take into consideration when deciding whether to deploy troops to a UN peacekeeping mission. A PDF version of the report can be found by clicking here.


This profile of Peru is part of a major effort by the Providing for Peacekeeping Project (PPP), a joint initiative by the Institute of International Peace, the Elliot School at the George Washington University, and Griffith University. The PPP “aims to generate and disseminate current information and analysis to support efforts to ‘broaden the base’ of troop – and police –contributing countries, improve the quality of troop and police contributions, and fill key capability gaps.” We strongly encourage our supporters to visit the PPP’s website for other analyses and country profiles by clicking here.

W. Alejandro Sanchez is COHA’s dedicated specialist on geopolitics, military and cyber security issues in the Latin America and the Caribbean. He regularly appears in a variety of media outlets and is a regular contributor to publications such as VOXXI and Blouin News. You can follow Sanchez via his Twitter at: @W_Alex_Sanchez.

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