More Scholars Sign on to Criticism of HRW

Professor Greg Grandin of New York University has sent in an additional batch of names of 57 Latin American scholars who want to sign on to this letter, sent in response to Human Rights Watch’s rebuttal of the criticism of its largely negative report on Venezuela’s human rights record.

Greg, who happens to be a COHA alumnus, is the author of two recent titles on contemporary Latin American affairs – Empire’s Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism (Metropolitan Books, 2006) and The Last Colonial Massacre: Latin America in the Cold War (University of Chicago Press, 2004) – and along with Professors Miguel Tinker Salas and Greg Wilpert, was one of the authors of the original response to Jose Miguel Vivanco’s report.

The scholars’ exchange with Human Rights Watch can be found in its entirety through the following links:

Vivanco report
Scholars’ original open letter
HRW Director, Kenneth Roth’s rebuttal
Scholars’ reply
Roth’s final response

-COHA Staff

Greg Grandin
Professor of History, Director of Graduate Studies
New York University
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Miguel Tinker Salas
Professor of History
Pomona College
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Gregory Wilpert,
Adjunct Professor of Political Science
Brooklyn College
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