López Obrador Unlikely to Give Up Easily

The July 3rd article, “López Obrador Unlikely to Give Up Easily,” details both Andres Manuel López Obrador’s and Mexico’s past electoral difficulties, but it fails to mention the charge of corrupt behavior he had to face throughout much of the career of the PRI presidential candidate, Roberto Madrazo, a past political opponent who allegedly stole the 1994 Tabascan gubernatorial race from López Obrador. The pattern of corrupt practices has been a constant theme of Mexican elections and provides a good reason to question the recent electoral process.

The fresh report that 3.5 ballots were omitted from the tabulation rightfully nourishes López Obrador’s suspicions of a tarnished vote count, which could have been influenced by his political opponents. Possibilities of fraud besmirch Mexico’s already tainted electoral system and rightfully heighten López Obrador’s anxieties of a corrupt, unresolved electoral process. Considering the questionable outcome and tight margin of victory for Calderón, Obrador’s request for a ballot recount should be fulfilled because it is essential to ensure legitimacy in the July 2 ballot results.