COHA Internship Application

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2016.

The internship application can be downloaded click here. Before applying, please read the internship position descriptions carefully.

To apply, please send the following to COHA:
–   Completed application
–   Resume
–   Cover letter
–   Brief writing sample (two pages)
–   The contact information of 2 references OR two letters of recommendation

Applications for the Fall 2016 semester will be accepted on a rolling basis. Positions tend to be filled quickly. It is advised that you apply several months prior to your desired starting date. Applications may be addressed to our Intern Coordinator and sent via:


Council on Hemispheric Affairs
1250 Connecticut Ave., N.W., Suite 1C
Washington, D.C. 20036

or Fax: (202) 223-4979

Positions and Responsibilities

COHA accepts a number of interns each semester (Summer, Fall, and Spring). All interns are Research Associates, and thus spend much of their time researching and writing articles. Each intern is also expected to take on an administrative role along with their responsibilities as research associates. The administrative roles are somewhat fluid in order to meet the needs of the office. Below is a description of all the positions; keep them in mind as you write your application and be prepared to explain your ability to carry out various roles in an interview.

Research Associate – As Research Associates, interns will be writing articles for COHA’s highly regarded publication, the Washington Report on the Hemisphere (WRH); composing Opinion-Editorials and letters to the editor for publication in major national and international news media; performing personal interviews with Washington officials; attending Congressional hearings, legislative seminars, and various events on topics relevant to COHA’s work; and assisting in office administration tasks such as maintaining subscription lists.

Mailing List Manager – This person ensures that the mailing list is updated and that those who want to unsubscribe are erased from our list.

Promoter – These three (or so) individuals are in charge of managing COHA’s online publications, which include Letters to the Editor, Research Articles, Press Releases, News Analyses, and Opinion Editorials. The promoters help the editing process by keeping up to date with articles that are currently being written and ensuring that writers adhere to their deadlines.

Washington Report on the Hemisphere (WRH) Manager – The manager is in charge of putting together and editing the WRH, which is meant to go out every other friday. This person is in charge of finding the right articles to go in the WRH. He or she will work together with the subscriptions manager in making sure that everyone who subscribes receives the publication.

WRH Subscriptions Manager – The Subscriptions Manager corresponds with subscribers to make sure their information is current.

Extramural Coordinator – This individual is in charge with keeping in touch with people who write and submit articles for COHA (often Senior Research Fellows) from outside of the office.

Fundraising/Grant Committee – This committee conducts research on funding opportunities, sets deadlines for upcoming proposals, and reaches out to potential financial contributors to COHA.

Website Manager – This person must be one of the strong editors/writers in the office because he or she will be responsible for doing the final proofread of all content posted on the website. This person also manages the organization’s technical apparati, helps people with computer problems, and maintains the website. The Website Manager additionally provides suggestions as to how to improve COHA’s graphic designs and website appearance.

Media Relations Team – The Media Relations Team is responsible for creating and maintaing contact with journalists, radio hosts, and other members of the press. These relationships that COHA establishes with the press are vital to increasing our visibility as a premier expert on Latin America. We accomplish this by inviting individuals and organizations to receive information from COHA and reaching out to these contacts to encourage citations, quotations, and interviews. On a daily basis, members of the Media Relations Team will add names and contact information to our media mailing list, call reporters to inform them of COHA’s recent publications and research, and manage interview requests for COHA staff. This job is ideal for interns with journalistic experience or anyone looking to make connections in the field.

Social Media Manager – This intern is in charge of posting on COHA’s Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Tumblr, etc.