In Response to: “Thousands in Mexico City march against drug war”

The article “Thousands in Mexico City march against drug war” was published May 8th 2011 in the New York Times

Dear Editor,

Elisabeth Malkin’s May 9th article focuses on the recent protest where 150,000 Mexicans rallied against their government’s disregard for the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians who perished since President Calderón launched his ill-advised military offensive against the country’s drug cartels.  Specifically, demonstrators called for the resignation of Genaro García Luna, current minister of public security and a key player in the anti-drug struggle.

Some argue that García’s resignation could aggravate the situation, since he is among the few Mexican officials who possess the required expertise to take on this thankless task. However, the public is understandably frustrated since García has failed to assume responsibility for the exponential rise in the gang-related deaths of countless civilians. Ousting García would be the preferred alternative, as it would create an opportunity for more flexible leaders to target anti-drug strategies. Moreover, the U.S. has voiced its disappointment with Mexico’s current public security planning; installing a new minister would not only encourage U.S. collaboration, but also win over the essential support of the Mexican public in the struggle against organized crime.


Aida Alvarenga
Research Associate at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs