Forthcoming Research from COHA

COHA researchers are currently preparing articles on the following topics for release in the coming week:

● A Tribute to a magnificent human being: Guyana’s late president, Janet Jagan
By Director Larry Birns

● A Cornered Chávez Shows His Mettle and His Faults
By Research Associate Adam Kott

● Chávez’s ALBA: Potential Venezuela Economic and Political Leverage in an Age of Economic Crisis
By Research Associate Adam Kott

● FARC – A Tenuous Future and a Disheveled Recent Past
By Research Associate Adam Kott

● Netherland Antilles’ Dismantling Quest Continues as Its Geopolitical Importance Increases
By Research Fellow Alex Sánchez

● Canada and the Mexican War on Drugs: Lack of Involvement, but not of Interest
By Research Associate Mylene Bruneau

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