Folk Singer’s Body Returned to Rest in Home Country

A splendid man who took with him a large chunk of the nation’s soul and an incomparable voice.



Four days after his passing, singer Facundo Cabral’s body was returned from Guatemala to his native country of Argentina. This past Saturday, 74-year-old Cabral was murdered when his car, headed to Guatemala City airport, was attacked by gunfire. Cabral was pronounced dead at the scene. According to the Guatemalan President, Álvaro Colom, “the attack came from organized crime.” Currently, Guatemala is known in Latin America for its high rates of violent crime and murder. Across Latin America, the death of the popular singer brought confusion and sorrow. Comparing Cabral to John Lennon, a fan asserted, “his music will never die. Cabral wasn’t just from one country. He was a universal man.”