COHA’s Summer Interns

COHA Summer Interns Summer 2011

Meet the young professionals who are making everything possible this summer session at the Council on Hemispheric Affairs.

From left to right (Bottom row):
Amy Bratzel, Carol Ciriaco, Amanda Knarr, Carrie Buggraf, Tess Burns, Rebecca Tran, Natalia Cote-Muñoz

From left to right (Middle row):
Sandra Zuniga, Roberta Verardi, Alena Hontarava, Katie Soltis, PoLin So, Gabriela Acosta, Director Larry Birns, Lydia Thompson, Paula Lopez-Gamundi, Aida Alvarenga, Winston Hanks, William Moore, Daniel Ok

From left to right (Upper row):
Mark Loyka, Natalie Simpson, Tim Bearden, Trevor Cohen, Josué Melendez, Parker Wright, Tristan, Elizabeth Rust, Taylor Miles, Sheila Bushman

Missing in the photograph: Lauren Mathae and Naomi Glassman

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