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-COHA Director Larry Birns was interviewed on November 30, by Hugh Hamilton, appearing on WBAI Pacifica Radio in New York (99.5FM and He spoke about the US decision to recognize elections in Honduras.

-Larry Birns was also featured on KPFA’s Morning Show on December 1 by Aimee Allison to discuss the recent Uruguayan elections.

-This morning, December 3, Larry appeared live on the Jamaican Breakfast Club in Jamaica to discuss the Honduran elections.

-Mr. Birns was quoted in an articled titled “U.S. Recognizes Honduras Vote With Caveats” by on November 30th.

-COHA Research Associate Shantel Beach was interviewed on the Jeff Farias Show on November 24, discussing her opinion-editorial, “Russell Crandall: A Controversial Analyst and Three Controversial Caribbean Interventions.” Shantel also discussed Honduran elections, and the recent Colombian/US military-bases deal.

– COHA Research Associate Christina Esquivel was interviewed on the Jeff Farias Show on December 2, discussing her recent press-release,”Unsettling Revelations Regarding U.S. Lease of Colombian Military Bases.” Christina also gave brief commentary on the Honduran elections.

– COHA Research Associate Andres Esteban Ochoa was quoted in the article “Obama la Materia Pendiente para America Latina Panorama” after an interview in which he discussed the new secretary Valanzuela and his position towards Venezuela and other regional matters.

COHA Article Appearances

The Doha Round: An Examination of Where the Development Round is Headed, Regarding Free Trade in Latin America and Worldwide, By COHA Research Associate Michaela D’Ambrosio

– Global Geopolitics News and Analysis
– The Panama News

Chile Invokes Pinochet-Era Anti-Terrorism Law Against Mapuche Demonstrators by COHA Research Associate Elizabeth Benjamin

-Peace Palace Library, International Law News
-Metro Latino USA
-Camana Bay Times

A Grey Goldmine: Recent Developments in Lithium Extraction in Bolivia and Alternative Energy Projects, By COHA Research Associate Megan McAdams

-The Panama News
-Petroleum World
-REVE – Regulación Eólica con Vehículos Eléctricos
-Red Bolivia Mundo
-The Carbon Capture Report
-Pinacle Digest
-Metro Latino USA

Honduras: The Devastating Effects of the June 28th Coup on the Honduran Economy Are Not Likely to be Undone by Illegitimate Elections, By COHA Research Associate Michaela D’Ambrosio

– Brazzil Mag

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