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-COHA Director Larry Birns will appear on “Destination Casa Blanca,” a production of HITN-TV, tonight at 9pm. In an interview with correspondent David Diaz, he will discuss U.S. policy during the Honduran crisis.

COHA Article Appearances

What the Drug War Needs is a Debate, Not a Disingenuous Battle Plan, By COHA Research Associate Steve Schaffer:
The Cutting Edge

Prospects for a Resurgent Cuban Tourism Market, By COHA Research Associate Nick Maliska:
Caribbean Net News, Caribbean

El doble estándar de Washington hacia Cuba: La Habana como falso “patrocinador estatal del terrorismo.” Written by COHA Research Fellow Brandon Bloch, Translated by COHA Research Associate Paulina Serna Salazar:
SiloBreaker, London, UK

Note: On Sunday, October 11th at 8AM EST, COHA Director Larry Birns will speak on KGO Radio San Francisco. He will discuss the possible lifting of the Cuban embargo and current U.S.-Cuban relations. This event can be seen live at