COHA in the Public Arena (September 30th- October 5th)

On Thursday, October 4th, COHA Research Associate Arnaud Koehl was quoted by James Bargent of the Pan-American Post in Election Day Looms in Venezuela.

On Thursday, October 4th, COHA Research Fellow W. Alex Sanchez was interviewed by Sara Llana of the Christian Science Monitor on Latin American and Russian Relations.

Article Citations
The Rise of the Latino E-Politician
By: COHA Research Fellow W. Alex Sanchez

Polar Ideologies Surface Due to Tempered Growth in South America
By: COHA Research Associate Faizaan Same
Uribe Outbursts Act as Misguided Obstacles to Colombian Peace Talks
By: COHA Research Associate Sarah Amaya
Eurasia Review

As Venezuelan Vote Looms, Skeptics Anticipate Last- Moment Chávez Victory
By: COHA Research Associate Gervasio Sapriva
Caribbean News Now
International Organizations Desk

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