COHA in the Public Arena (May 17th- May 29th)

COHA Director Larry Birns and COHA Research Associate Katherine Haas were cited in the May 28th issue of the Drug War Chronicle.

On May 27th, COHA Director Larry Birns was featured on WNYC’s The Leonard Lopate Show in a discussion of the recent violence in Jamaica.

COHA’s article, Washington’s Invented Honduran Democracy, was cited in an article from the Agencia Latinoamericana de Información.

On May 26th, COHA Director Larry Birns was featured on PBS Newshour, in a story about the recent violence in Kingston, Jamaica. The interview can be watched here.

Mr. Birns was also cited in several articles regarding the Jamaican issue.
Toronto Star, La Libre and NPR

Also on May 26th, COHA Research Associate Stephanie Lloyd attended a seminar at the Wilson Center about the economic relationship between China and Latin America.

COHA Research Associate Katherine Haas was interviewed by WDEL, a news talk radio station out of Wilmington, DE, regarding the violence surrounding Christopher Coke’s extradition in Jamaica on May 26th.

COHA Director Larry Birns was interviewed by CNN regarding the violence in Kingston, Jamaica surrounding the extradition of Christopher Coke.  The interview appeared on the May 24th episode of “The Situation Room.”  He was also featured in several online articles about the subject.
Emergency Declared in Parts of Jamaican Capital, Dozens Killed in Jamaican Violence and The Situation Room

COHA Director Larry Birns and Research Associate Felix Blossier were interviewed by Brian Lehrer on WNYC regarding the Brazilian economy. The two showed both skepticism and optimism for the future of the country’s economy. To listen to the interview follow the link above and click “listen” in the bottom left corner.

Research Associate Felix Blossier was interviewed by Press TV, an Iranian international news network, regarding the state of the world economy.

Article Citations and Links

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“Mexican President Comes to Washington: What will come of President Calderón’s visit to Washington?,” by COHA Research Associates Elizabeth Sahner, Carl Patchen, & Kyle Tana along with Research Fellow Dan Boscov-Ellen.
Scoop and Caribbean New Yorker

“Colombian and Panamanian Human Rights Records Hinder Free Trade Agreement,” by COHA Research Associate Kathleen Ziminsky.

“Travel to Cuba Legislation Mired by Scandal, Fierce Opposition” by COHA Research Associates Katya Rodriguez & Carl Patche.
Banderas News and Truthout

“Mexico’s Calderon: ‘I Did It My Way'” by COHA Director Larry Birns.
Scoop and Baiganchoka