COHA in the Public Arena: May 14 to June 10

Research Associate Otto Raul Tielemans was quoted in Voice of Russia article “Corruption Could Score Against Brazil’s World Cup.”

Eurasia Review republished Francesca Realacci and Sandy Preiss’ article “A Conversation with Uruguay’s extraordinary José Mujica.

Research Associate Michael Lohmuller’s article entitled “Mexico: Is Tamaulipas Becoming Peña Nieto’s Cuidad Juárez?” was republished by Eurasia Review. 

Research Associate, Ryan Eustace’s article “The Dragon in Uncle Sam’s Backyard: China in Latin America” was republished by the Eurasia Review. 

Research Associate Albaro Tutasig’s piece “Massacre in Paraguay: Marina Kue, Kuruguaty”  was republished by the Eurasia Review.

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