COHA in the Public Arena (July 22 – July 29)

On July 22, Director Larry Birns was quoted by MAARS News about Nicaragua.

On July 25, Director Larry Birns was interviewed by PressTV about U.S. military expenditures.

On July 26, Research Associate PoLin So was mentioned in tweets by Twitter users regarding a blog post about Chinese-Argentines.

On July 27, COHA and Research Associate Katie Soltis were quoted by Axis of Logic about the WikiLeaks pertaining to Haiti.

On July 28, COHA was mentioned by the Jamaica Observer about Guyana.

On July 28, COHA was quoted by Caribbean Life about Guyana.

On July 28, Research Associate Aida Alvarenga was interviewed by the Jamaican Breakfast Club about Honduras.

On July 28, Director Larry Birns was interviewed by PressTV about U.S. loans to Israel and the current U.S. debt crisis.

On July 28, Daniel Whalen was interviewed by Voice of America about Peru.

On July 29, COHA was mentioned by Xinhua News Agency about Peru’s Humala.

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