COHA in the Public Arena (February 7 – 14)

On Friday, February 12th, COHA Research Associates Nicole-Fillion Robin and Evgenij Haperskij appeared on The Jeff Farias Show discussing the recent Costa Rican election and improving relations 11

On Wednesday, February 10, COHA Director Larry Birns appeared on Jamaican Breakfast Club discussing the prominence of Mexican drug traffickers.

On February 9th, COHA Director Larry Birns and Research Associate Nicole Fillion-Robin appeared on Free Speech Radio News and its 30-station network to discuss last Sunday’s election in Costa Rica.

Article Citations and Links
“Honduras’ Porfirio “Pepe” Lobo: Another Disaster for Central American Democracy Waiting in the Wing,” by Senior Research Fellow Adrienne Pine.

- Covering Activism and Politics in Latin America

“¿Cambio? The Obama Administration in Latin America: A Disappointing Year in Perspective,” by COHA Senior Research Fellows Guy Hursthouse and Tomás Ayuso.
– MercoPress

“Harper’s Attempt to Save Face at the Cost of Canada’s Democratic Enlargement,” by Research Associate Nicole Fillion-Robin.
– The Panama News

“No “Common Policy” as Europe Grapples with its Recent Ties with Cuba,” by COHA Research Associate Evgenij Haperskij.

– The Cutting Edge

– On Sunday, February 13th, Director of COHA Larry Birns is quoted in Inter Press Service criticizing the United States aid response in Haiti.

– On Tuesday February 9th COHA Director Larry Birns is quoted in Honduran newspaper La Prensa discussing the US relationship with the South America drug industry.

– On Sunday, February 7th, Director of COHA Larry Birns is quoted in
The Christian Science Monitor analyzing the recent election in Costa Rica.

– On Sunday, February 7th COHA is quoted in The Toronto Star criticizing international discussing the insufficient work being done by NGO’s in meeting Haiti’s needs.

– On Sunday, February 14th Former Research Associate Kaitlin Porter is awarded the prestigious PennAce JoAnne Day Student of the Year Award for her work done at COHA.