COHA en Español

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COHA has repeatedly monitored the pulse of Latin America throughout its 40-year history via original policy directives, research articles, and opinion pieces on hemispheric developments. In order to have the most direct impact on policymakers in Washington, circumstances have proved English to be the most appropriate language for written COHA material.

After repeated requests from an increasingly technologically active and growing Latin readership, COHA is pleased to announce the creation of the COHA Foreign Language Blog, which will publish material exclusively in Spanish and Portuguese. The creation of this blog is meant to be an important outlet for the organization’s Research Associates and Fellows to augment their normal research with various addenda. COHA will use the blog to focus on targeted niche developments throughout Latin America.

Spanish and Portuguese readers will be able to access COHA’s calculated take on all things Latin America by means of this new medium. We invite your submissions in either Spanish or Portuguese.

For direct access to COHA Foreign Language Blog, please click here.