Castro calls Obama speech ‘formula for hunger’

It is abundantly clear that Barack Obama is the only presidential candidate considering meaningful policy changes in order to advance US-Cuban relations within a context of constructive engagement with all of Latin America (‘Castro calls Obama speech ‘formula for hunger’, May 27).

Obama’s direct diplomacy approach aims to eventually normalize relations with Cuba, demonstrated by his willingness to meet with its leaders and discuss lifting restrictions on travel to Cuba and raise the amount of remittances that can legally be sent to the island.

This policy contrasts sharply with the unenlightened strategy of the Bush Administration, which has refused to even entertain talks with Cuba. Bush’s knee-jerk Cold War policies reflect a close-minded and sterile attitude that is entirely detached from contemporary international realities.

The restrictive travel regulations to the island are grossly out of touch, considering that Americans can freely travel to countries far better known as security threats to the US than Cuba, such as Iran and Libya.

The mature and responsible changes Obama promises to the US electorate could be the beginning of a process which could lead to a transformation of US-Cuban relations based on a receptive and mutual appreciation for the other’s sovereignty.