W. Alejandro Sanchez COHA’s work

• Commentary: Peru finds itself Snared in the Falklands/Malvinas Dispute

• China vs. Taiwan: Battle for Influence in the Caribbean

•Peru: Shining Path’s Last Major Leader, Artemio, has been Captured

•The Internet in Brazil: E-Progress and E-Censorship in Latin America’s Poster Child

• The Internet and Latin America: The Rise of the Virtual World and Emerging Cyber Security Issues

• The Mottled Relationship: Iran and Latin America – A Brief Overview

• Analysis: Latin America and the Zombie Factor

• Endgame for Brazil’s role in MINUSTAH?

• The Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP) – A New Insurgent Group with an Old Time Political Ideology?

• Costa Rica: An Army-less Nation in a Problem-Prone Region

• Una sugerencia al Presidente Hugo Chávez – Reevalue sus Alianzas

A suggestion to President Hugo Chavez – Reevaluate Your Alliances

Arms Sales, Especially by Russia and China, Continue to Penetrate Latin America

Latin America and State Recognition: Palestine, the Caucasus, Kosovo, and Taiwan

Peacekeeping and Military Operations by Latin American Militaries: Between Being a Good Samaritan and Servicing the National Interest

The Dirty Little Secret: Nuclear Security Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean

South America and its Likelihood of a Season of Splendid Little Wars: An Analysis of Arms Races and Regional Geopolitics

Netherlands Antilles’ Break Up Continues as Its Geopolitical Importance Mounts

The U.S. Military’s Presence in the Greater Caribbean Basin: More a Matter of Trade Strategy and Ideology than Drugs

Embraer: Brazilian Military Industry Becoming a Global Arms Merchant?

Separating Fact from Fiction: An Analysis of Venezuela’s Military Power

Bolivia’s Evo Morales’ European Tour 2009: Russia Flies the Flag Over Latin America and Everyone’s A Winner… Mostly

Venezuela’s New Constitutional Reform 2009: If Not Chávez, then Whom? PSUV May Not Survive if Chávez Loses the Presidency

UNASUR – Death before Life? Disagreements over Leadership as National Agendas Divide South America, Dashing Argentina’s UNASUR Prospects

Honor, Shame and Duty: The Reality of Argentina’s Tattered Armed Forces Today

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to Embark on a Highly Revealing Latin American Journey Sure to Give Washington Heartburn

Bolivia’s Military: It’s a Difficult Life, but Certainly There Is No Sign of a Pending Military Coup

The South American Defense Council, UNASUR, the Latin American Military and the Region’s Political Process

Venezuela’s Military in the Hugo Chávez Era

Space Technology Comes to Latin America: Part of the Hemisphere’s Road to Autonomy

The Brazilian Military is Back, As It Fleshes Out its Weaponry and Strategies

Tiny Panama Roars

Paradise at risk: Environmental and Nuclear Issues Bedevil the Caribbean

All is Not Well in Georgetown: Guyana’s Emerging Hemispheric Role

Containment in Their Shanty Towns is not a Solution: Constructive Engagement and not a Face-off between Gangs and New Jamaican Prime Minister is Needed

Pluralism Bursts into Western Hemisphere

Lula wants his Yellow Submarine

Entre La Espada y La Pared: As Venezuela’s Desire to Join MERCOSUR Diminishes, Hugo Chávez Flirts with a Pro-Free Trade CAN

The Oil Race is On: China Signs Multi-Billion Dollar Oil Contract with Venezuela, But India Also Wants Latin American Oil

India: The Relatively Quiet But Growing Presence of a New Asian Powerhouse in the Western Hemisphere, Particularly Brazil

COHA Backgrounder on U.S.-Paraguay Relations: Why Paraguay Matters

Chile’s Aggressive Military Arm Purchases are Ruffling the Region, Alarming in particular Peru, Bolivia and Argentina

Hispaniola: The Caribbean’s New Big Leaguers in the Drug Trafficking Trade

The Colombian Civil War: Uribe Now In Washington In A Move That May Make Or Break His Presidency

Mexico’s Drug War: A Society at Risk – Soldiers versus Narco-Soldiers

Memorandum to the Press: Venezuela’s Security Factors and Foreign Policy Goals

Mother Russia Likes What She Sees in Cuba

The Government and the Drug Lords: Who Rules Mexico?

The Russian Arms Merchant Raps on Latin America’s Door

Russia Returns to Latin America

Uruguay: Keeping the Military in Check

Washington Looks to Cement its Military Presence in Central America by Emphasizing its Ties to Honduras

The Grounds for Bolivia’s New Military Bases

Hoping for the Best: Austria to host EU-LAC Summit

Gradual Resurgence of France as a Strategic Presence in Latin America and the Caribbean

Peru Elections: The Military Issue

General Eduardo Aldunate: Chile’s Problematic Gift to Haiti Who Could Turn Out to be President-Elect Bachelet’s First Foreign Policy Change

The Next Domino? Ollanta Humala, Presente!

The Peru-Chile Arms Race: Current Ramifications of a Bitter History

Wednesday’s Suriname Election: No Small Matter

Checkmate by Default: Insulza wins OAS Race Because He is the Sole Candidate that Remains

Bolton and Negroponte Nominations & the OAS Stand-off

Hemispheric Checkmate: Chile’s Insulza Likely to Become the Next OAS Secretary General

The Race Heats Up: Candidates for OAS Secretary-General are Announced

Next Leader of the Organization of American States Still an Open Question

Who Will be the Next Leader of the Organization of American States?

Change of the Guard at the Organization of American States

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