About the COHA Blog: Present and Future Content

Over the last two weeks, the COHA Blog has been evolving, now adding immigration to its agenda of issues being addressed from a variety of different perspectives.  This piece discusses the relationship between the stream of money sent back home by Latino immigrants working in the U.S. to an increasingly restrictive border, the diminishing world value of U.S. earnings, and strong economic growth in many Latin American Countries.  While millions of families in the region rely on remittances sent by husbands, wives, and children living abroad to survive, many factors may cause this relationship to stabilize or even reverse in the coming years as Latin America becomes more independent of the U.S.

Next Tuesday, we will showcase the concept of the “New Latin America,” launching another two week series. In it, we will discuss how different aspects in Latin America have evolved over the years while others still remain the same.

Source: El Extra Express