The Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA), in an effort to continue dedicating deserved attention on the ongoing Honduran constitutional crisis, is issuing the three following documents:

1. Research Memorandum by COHA Director Larry Birns and Research Associate Sean Johnson

This memorandum is aimed at shedding light on the lack of political will and the conceptual strategy of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in dealing with the illegal rightist government headed by Roberto Micheletti, which ousted the democratically-elected Manuel Zelaya.

2. Ad Hoc Memorandum by Honduran Human Rights Activists

This communiqué, which has been circulated over the internet, has been compiled by an ad hoc group of concerned Honduran human rights activists. Initially addressed to the Honduran Attorney General, the document details and asks for the investigation of a series of alleged human rights violations – in which mainly pro-Zelaya elements were targeted. Though COHA cannot confirm the veracity of all the claims due to its lack of adequate presence on the ground, we nevertheless deem it vital to disseminate the communiqué for the purpose of creating a more open dialogue on the current crisis and whether real people are being subjected to human rights delinquencies. Click here for the full text

3. COHA Senior Research Fellow and New York University Professor of History Greg Grandin Fact Checks Former Clinton White House Counsel and Hillary Clinton Campaign Aide Lanny Davis

On August 10, Grandin debated Davis, now a lobbyist for the Latin American Business Council of Honduras, about the Honduran coup on Democracy Now!, a radio network program moderated by famed news analyst Amy Goodman. A firm supporter of the military-backed coup which removed President Manuel Zelaya, Davis attempted to paint Grandin as an ideologue as well as mislead his audience about the circumstances surrounding the coup. Grandin, in this post, fact checks Davis’ misinforming factoids.